We currently deliver cheese anywhere in England, Wales and central Scotland at a cost of £6 or free for orders over £80. If you live in Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and Islands or the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or the Isle of Wight, please email us or call us on 01514283942 for a quote and please be aware that many deliveries to these areas take 2 days. For orders outside of the local area we currently use DPD and Royal Mail. They are pretty efficient but no delivery service is perfect so if you need cheese for a particular event or occasion, we recommend that you allow a day just in case. We make every effort to deliver your package in a timely manner, but there are no guarantees. Local deliveries we will do ourselves in our little Cheese van and we offer these for just £5, please remember it is harder for us to give you specific times for deliveries when we are doing them, the little cheese shop van is not equipped with tracking equipment!


Our couriers will do their best to deliver your parcel but we would ask that you complete the box on the order form with "notes about your order" for example, a safe place where the cheese can be left - as a fail-safe in case there is no one in. Try to make your instructions simple, clear and brief. Please note that if the package is left it is at your own risk: the ideal situation is always a delivery address with a person in it, whether this is home, workplace or neighbour.

We also ask for either your or the recipient's phone number. From experience, we know that sometimes the driver has trouble finding an address. This problem is usually quickly solved if there is a phone number to call. If it is a mobile number they will often text you with delivery times. If you are not in when the parcel arrives and you receive a not-in card, please make every effort to collect your parcel as soon as possible. It won't be refrigerated in the Post depot!

If you are sending cheese as a gift, please remember - it is perishable and as such you may need to forgo the element of surprise and let the recipient know to look out for their gift. (If the courier leaves a not in card, they will not necessarily have a sense of urgency about collecting it).


We have had many long and involved discussions about the cost of Postage And Packaging. The actual cost is quite high. If we deliver ourselves, we have to factor in driver’s wages, fuel costs, tolls and tolls. We have the dilemma shared by all mail order businesses, whether to charge an obvious delivery charge or whether to build the costs into the product price, as we use a next day service it costs more.

Postage and packing are paid per address if you want to send packages to multiple addresses each one will be treated as a separate order. Many of our orders, if received before 11am will be dispatched for posting the same day and delivered the following day. If in doubt, please give us a call or drop us a line, and between us, we will work it out!


It is against the law for any person under the age of 18 to buy, or attempt to buy intoxicating liquor or for any person over the age of 18 to buy or attempt to buy intoxicating liquor for any person under the age of 18. Liverpool Cheese Company is committed to upholding its legal and social obligations as a retailer of intoxicating liquor. By placing an order you confirm that you and the recipient of the alcohol are at least 18 years old. If our couriers are in doubt of the age of the recipient of an order they will request some form of ID. In the event that this is not satisfied, they are not permitted to leave the wine.


We will always try and deliver your order on the day of your choice but it is not possible for us to deliver on certain days (Sundays, bank holidays etc.) so please use the following guide when placing your order:

Orders for posting in the UK will be delivered Tuesday – Friday.

Orders for Liverpool, Widnes and Wirral will be delivered Tuesday – Friday. We can sometimes accommodate local deliveries on Monday or Saturday, just ask and see if it is possible.

Orders for other local areas such as Formby, St. Helens, Warrington, and Runcorn – we will sometimes make these deliveries ourselves but we may also post them when it is not cost/time effective to do this.

Your package will be securely wrapped but not always in a brand new box, we try to recycle things as much as we can, and your cardboard box may not be as glamorous as some but we think the planet will be a bit happier. We use ice in the parcels from time to time but not always because melting ice can damage the cheese. We usually stamp the boxes to remind people to refrigerate on arrival.


Cheeses are perishable goods therefore we cannot accept returns. If, however, there is something you suspect to be wrong with your order please contact us immediately and send us a picture of the product. Please let us know of any problems within 48 hours from receipt of delivery.

If you have any queries about deliveries, please telephone us on 0151 428 3942.