When to order

Don’t worry if you want to order your cake well in advance, you can order whenever you like, we are happy to discuss payment options, we are always generous about changes, cancellations and refunds. We do, however, need more than a few days notice to make a celebration cake. Ideally we like a minimum of one months notice so we can make sure we have all the cheeses required, if you give less notice we may have a little less choice in what is available.


Why have a cheese celebration/wedding cake?

A wedding cake made of cheese is a great addition to any wedding and a real talking point – 98% of the population eat cheese and many of them are passionate about it! Some people have a cheese wedding cake because it is significantly cheaper than a traditional wedding cake or because they prefer cheese. Some have a cheese wedding cake as well as a traditional cake, some serve it as part of the wedding breakfast, some as the evening buffet……

Remember, you don’t have to get married to have a cake made of cheese, we do them for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, christenings, (we have even done a couple for funerals) or just good old parties!


Numbers and cost

The numbers we recommend on the website are based on 17 years of providing wedding cakes and selling cheese. We have already taken into account the fact that “not everyone eats cheese”. We suggest that a cheese wedding cake should cost roughly £3-4 per head (a lot less than you will pay for a cheese board from a hotel or caterers). The smaller the cake, the more cheese you need if you want to provide a good cheeseboard (because the cakes get smaller towards the top and usually end up with a 100g cheese – as you can imagine not many of your guests are going to get to try this one)!


Choosing your cake

It is not quite as simple as picking your favourite cheeses…..we are dependent upon the size of the cheese as it is made and smaller cheeses are harder to come by! If you look at the Wedding cakes on the website you will get an idea of what is available, by all means, ask us if we can incorporate your favourite cheese, there is usually a way!


What is included in the price?

The prices on our website include decorations to suit your theme/colour scheme etc. They also include local delivery or postage to further flung destinations. If you don’t know if your venue classes as local, contact us for more information. If we are posting a wedding cake, we make it on the day of dispatch, photograph it and send you the photos. The cake is then dismantled and packed up along with all the decorations. It is then collected by the overnight courier and delivered the next day. You will have to reassemble it when it arrives but it is easy and you have the photographs to help. We can also provide you with tasting notes to go with your cake.


How to order

If you live locally, or can visit our shop, book a time and date for a consultation, it takes about half an hour and you can choose and taste the cheeses and get an idea what it looks like. (Please note that if you just call into the shop on spec we may not be able to do a consultation depending on how busy it is and if we have other appointments booked). If you can’t get to the shop, we can discuss your cake with you over the phone or by email. Either give us a call on 01514283942 or email [email protected]. If you simply want to order online, that is fine, we will always be in touch to discuss the finer details.



Many people ask us about the tree slices that many of the cakes are photographed on. If your cheesecake is being delivered locally, we will loan you one of these. We ask for a £40 deposit which is refunded when the tree slice is returned. It is not practical for us to post tree slices, but we can advise where you may be able to get one from. Likewise, we provide catering packs of biscuits for an extra charge but don’t recommend posting these. We also have a wide range of chutneys and other accompaniments.


Serving the wedding cake

How your cheese wedding cake is served will determine how much your guests enjoy it. Don’t let guests cut the cheese from the cake as the cheeses will get messed up together and be wholly unappealing. Ideally, the cheesecake should be portioned and served. If this is not possible at least put each cheese onto a separate plate for people to serve themselves from. At the wedding of one of our staff, her caterers cut the cake in half and served it following the wedding breakfast (they did this as a clever way of getting people to leave the function room whilst they transformed it for dancing). They portioned up the remaining half of the cake later in the evening when everyone was hungry again after dancing and increased their bar sales as a result.