Christmas 2023

This is our eighteenth Christmas and it does not get any easier to organise! Every year our customers get more and more organised and all the dates for Christmas collections in the shop, orders to be posted and orders for local delivery are now fully booked.  Please do not despair, however, we have options!

  • Our shop in Woolton is open for extra hours during Christmas week and we intend to have a little stall in our driveway with lots of boxes, bags, ready made hampers and such. Our opening hours can be found on the home page at We actually have a wider  range of cheese and other products available in the shop so paying us a visit is a great idea.
  • If you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift, why not consider our Cheese Club membership which is available in 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options for either posting, delivery or collection. IF YOU ORDER CHEESE CLUB MEMBERSHIP NOW WE WILL SEND A GIFT CARD TO YOU SO YOU CAN LET THE RECIPIENT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GIVING THEM AND WE WILL SEND THE FIRST SELECTION OUT IN JANUARY.  If there is not enough time to post the card we will email something you can give to them instead!
  • We also have Cheese School vouchers which can be used to book our popular monthly cheese school sessions, Alternatively, you could always book Cheese School places directly on the website.
  • We are always impressed by some of our enterprising customers who when faced with no options resourcefully send “new Year” gifts instead of Christmas ones.